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Innovation for Industrial Controls

Our cutting edge research enables us to develop novel products that can be customized to your specific needs.


We sublicense patent-pending technologies developed by the department of Computer Science & Engineering at Louisiana State University, one of the foremost AI labs in the country.  Technologies can be incorporated into custom solutions developed for your business.  Solutions covered by licensed technologies include SpotCheck™ for non-invasive diagnostic testing of machinery, computer vision and video analysis, and root cause analysis of textual logs.

LSU Building


SpotCheck™ is a technology based on deep learning for non-invasive diagnostics of manufacturing machinery.  By listening to and analyzing the audio signals of a machine, such as a vacuum pump, SpotCheck can remotely evaluate performance and diagnose problems, transforming the machine into a smart device without any modification of its hardware.  SpotCheck is licensed from Louisiana State University (LSU-2016-031).

SpotCheck, Engineer spot checking an engine's performance with a cell phone


In addition to SpotCheck™ for non-invasive diagnostic testing of machinery, we are currently developing solutions related to video and image analytics, document analysis, smart supply chain management, and more.

SpotCheck neural network system diagram

Love what you see? Learn how to incorporate our technology into your own products or workflows.


Automated Inferentials Management™ (or AIM™) is a flexible technology based on deep learning for improving the accuracy of inferential measurements in advanced process control at industrial plants.  AIM replaces and improves a plant's measured inferentials with a "soft sensor" delivering continuously predicted measurements to improve plant operations, efficiency, and bottom line.

Oil Refinery at Sunset
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