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Enlightening the Next Generation

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Enlightening the Next Generation

We produce a variety of educational classes on artificial intelligence, deep learning, and data science that can be tailored to different audiences, including general overviews for managers and executives or more technical classes for developers and engineers.  Our goal is to enlighten the next generation of AI practitioners.



A general overview of AI and how it fits into corporate strategy, with breakout sessions on strategic planning, technology roadmaps, and resource allocation to ensure maximum value.



How to plan out an AI project, including data gathering and evaluation, data cleanup and verification, development of a proof-of-concept model, integration into business processes, and delivery across the organization.



In-depth technical trainings, with focus on neural networks and deep learning, image and video analytics (CNNs), sound and text analytics (NLP), and bringing AI into existing applications.



A general overview of AI and how it can satisfy customer needs, value propositions for various products and services, and how to allay fears and promote the benefits of AI.

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