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Upholding the Highest Standards

Richard J. Barbalace, CEO


Chief Executive Officer

Richard has over two decades of leadership experience with startups, academic research labs, and non-profit organizations.  Since graduating from MIT, his career has focused on the intersection of the healthcare and high tech sectors, with research support from the NSF, CDC, and industry.

Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Chief Scientist


Chief Scientist

Dr. Mukhopadhyay serves on faculty for Computer Science at Louisiana State University (LSU).  As an expert in deep learning, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence, he has more than 90 published papers, 2 patents awarded, and 1 patent pending.  His research has been funded by the NSF, DARPA, ONR, ARO, NASA, DOE, state agencies, and industry, and he has received several research awards.  His former PhD students are now placed in Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. and in both US and foreign academia.

Robert DiBiano, Vice President of Engineering


Vice President of Engineering

Dr. DiBiano has over 10 years experience in machine learning and image processing.  As an expert in deep learning, he has 14 published papers and 1 pending patent.  In addition to leading our engineering team, he is one of the principal developers of the DeepSat product and has worked on automated food recognition from photography used by Pennington Biomedical. 

Rajgopal Kannan, CTO


Cofounder and Advisor

Dr. Kannan serves as a research professor at the University of Southern California (USC).  As an expert in artificial intelligence, he has published over 100 papers and has 2 patents awarded.  His research has been funded by the NSF, Air Force, DARPA, DOE, and others.

Biplab Pal


Cofounder and Advisor

Dr. Pal has over a decade of experience in R&D and business development.  As a successful entrepreneur, he is also cofounder and CTO of MachineSense, and has also served as a board member of the American Association for Big Data Professionals.

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